Lost Dog? Part #1

Hi Everyone!

It’s Meatloaf here.  Today I went on a walk with Julie and Coconut and Paper. Julie asked Molly to come but she was relaxing.


Julie threw thew the frisbee for Pepper (it is his favorite toy and mine too).


But it landed on my head, (I tried to do that!)!


Julie threw it again,


and again. I gave up trying to get it. I’m too chubby I mean slow to reach it. So I raced over to coconut who was playing with the soccer ball.



We both wanted it… and I thought yanking the ball was the game.


Coconut got tired of yanking on the ball and went over to Julie to get petted,


so I was left all by himself. Then I thought he smelled some food and wandered away because no one wanted to play with me …


I sniffed around some bushes,


and trees,


Until I realized I was… lost!


Would anyone know I was gone? They didn’t want to play with me anyway. I whimpered then yelped for help.  But no one came for me… Was I going to stay lost forever?




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