A Fall Pet Photoshoot

Hi Everyone!

Today I have some cute pics of me and my pets in the fall leaves.

Pepper is my husky and he is super sweet!  He pulls my one dog dog sled!



And then there is Meatloaf! He LOVES ALL FOOD.  He is the food thief of the house!!! LOL! He’s also super sweet.  He ran to the camera to sniff it… that is the reason the picture is mostly of his nose!



Coconut is my Westie and my fashion queen! Who knew dogs liked fashion?! She loves being groomed and I have found her wearing my necklaces and hats!!!!!!!


And last but definitely not least, my cute rabbit Nibbles.  She is mischievous and naught (but cute while being naughty!)



And the rest is us playing in the yard!




– Julie, the ultimate blogger 🙂





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