Julie in Paris – Part #1!!!

Bonjour Everyone!!!

It’s Julie!!! Guess what?!  I went to Paris!!!!!  And without further ado, I present part #1 of my Paris trip!!!

The apartment had a great view onto the street… but I spent the first couple hours napping!


This is from one of the very large windows!



Then we were off to sightsee!!!!!! Molly, my friend, came too.  That’s why she’s in a few pictures!

Our first stop was Notre Dame, a giant Cathedral, at the heart of Paris! I also brought my rabbit with me, and she almost got lost!  I learned a good rule: don’t bring pets sightseeing!!! LOL!!!


I snapped one of the interesting architecture…


Molly and I had baguette sandwiches and eclairs on a bench nearby! Yummy!




We walked across the bridge…


And went on a riverboat tour!! The tour was amazing but I didn’t take any pictures because I wanted to enjoy the view and chat with Molly.

Next week I’ll be posting part #2!!!

The Parisian Blogger,

Julie 🙂



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