Fall Themed Tag

I was nominated for the Fall Themed Tag by AG’s in Alaska! Thanks so much 🙂

Here are the rules:


Here are AG’s in Alaska’s questions:

Q: What is your favorite color of leaf – red, orange, yellow, green, or brown?

A: I love red leaves the best, but more of an orange/red color so that the tree looks like it’s on fire!

Q: Have you ever done a fall photoshoot?

Yes! I did one about Julie and her animals.  I was hoping to take another, but with school… XD

Q: What is your favorite doll sweater?

A: I love the mixed knit sweater by American girl!

Q: What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving? That is, assuming, you live in the US.

A: That’s so hard!!! I love the food but also hanging out with family too!  Out of the two, I have to say…. the food!

Q: Pumpkin pie, apple pie, or pecan pie?

A: Pumpkin Pie! I only had apple pie once and I’ve never had pecan pie so right now I like pumpkin pie best.

Q: Did you know that there was no pumpkin pie until the second Thanksgiving?

A: No! Cool fact!

Q: Do you like Halloween or Thanksgiving better?

A: I like Thanksgiving better because it’s more of a vacation and you get to see family and eat great food!

Q: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

A: Mashed potatoes! No further explanation needed! XD

Q: Did you go anywhere for Thanksgiving?

A: No, I always stay at my house.

Q: Did anyone visit you for Thanksgiving?

A: Yes! This year my cousins came and we had a blast

Q: Was there snow on the ground where you live for Thanksgiving?

A: Sadly no.  We don’t get much snow around here 😦

My Nominees (sorry I didn’t get 11):

Rebcake @ https://stuffieadventures.wordpress.com

The Dolls’ Mom @ https://agdolldreams.wordpress.com

Kaitlyn @ https://kaitsagcrafts.wordpress.com

Kaylyn @ https://kaylynsworldblog.wordpress.com

Jewel @ http://www.dollnotebook.com

Bella @ https://dollhabit.wordpress.com

Julia @ http://fun.superkittystudio.com

My Questions:

Do you like pumpkin flavored foods?

Do you eat mashed sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving?

What do you normally wear in the fall?

Do the leaves fall off the trees near you?

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Do you do any activities (corn maze, apple picking) in the fall?

What are your favorite things about fall?

Is fall your favorite season?

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

What is your least favorite thing about fall?

Do you play fall sport?


That concludes the Fall Themed Tag!

The photographer @ AG Doll Adventures 🙂


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