12 Christmas Posts: Pets and Presents -Part 1

Hello world! It’s Nibbles, Julie’s pet rabbit, and I’ll be posting the fifth Christmas post!

This post is all about Julies pets and what usually happens when Julie puts presents under the tree!

This is how it went this year….

Julie had left the house for a few hours and there were a ton of Christmas presents justly lying under the tree asking to be opened.  I always wonder why Julie waits and waits and waits to open her presents.  Our pet motto is “open them as soon as possible.” And that is exactly what we did!!!

Coconut loves fashion.  She always brushing her fur. Ugggg! She thinks she’s so great because she won some dog show.  I could TOTALLY win a dog show! (if I was a dog) That is why Julie bought her a scarf thingy. (P.S. Coconut is only stuck up sometimes.  This was one of those time.)


She was walking back and forth acting like the floor was a runway, and oohing and ahhing about herself.

Meatloaf didn’t have a present under the tree labeled to him yet, so he opened one without a label in case it might be his.  It wasn’t.  It was a delicate nutcracker.  Julie DEFINITELY would not have given meatloaf a nutcracker.  He always gets a dog treat or a bone (yuck! I don’t see what’s so great about anything like that.  But I am a rabbit, not a dog, so…)


Pepper opened another unlabeled present.  It wasn’t his.  Pepper doesn’t like loud noises that much. (he even wrote a post about it)  The thingy he opened (we still have no idea what it was made a loud whirring noise when you press the button.


He jumped so high, I told him to consider trying out for the D.A. Olympic high jump 🙂 (D.A. means domestic animal and the D.A. Olympics is something I made up and I’m trying to get it to go viral).  He knocked it over with a loud bang.


Fluffy (yes that is her name) opened a present for Julie’s mini doll, Mini Maryellen.  I think it is a poncho but Fluffy wore it on her head.   She’s somewhat into fashion and was walking the runway with Coconut.  She somehow got ahold of Julie’s camera.


I opened a present that had no label either.  It smelled like carrots!!!!!! So I opened it 🙂


It was carrots!!!! So we were all enjoying the presents until we heard footsteps in the hall…


Julie had come back!!!!!!!!

To be continued in part 2!!

What do you think?

~Nibbles, the coolest bunny 😎



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