A New Doll!!!!!!! – I need your help!

Hi Everyone!!!!

I GOT A NEW DOLL!!!!!!!!!!! I got #55 truly me!


I have some questions.   To me, her hair seems sort of short compared to the doll in the case at the AG Store.  Also, she has permapanties.  I thought that a new truly me wasn’t supposed to have them.

Here are some pictures:






I’m so excited!!!!!

Her name is….. dun, dun, dun!!!!! Hehehehe! 🙂

~The Photographer @ AG Doll Adventures


13 thoughts on “A New Doll!!!!!!! – I need your help!”

  1. That is a really pretty doll! Her hair isn’t supposed to be that short…
    AG just said that they are keeping the permapanties. They say that all of the dolls will have them.

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          1. IDK. XD I think I found that out on a blog called Small Dolls In A Big World, or a YouTube channel. Honestly, I kind of don’t know. I just heard it somewhere. But I am definitely NOT making this up, or I wouldn’t have said it.


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