AG Succulent DIY

Hi everyone!!! I’ve made a succulent DIY!!! I’m really excited to share it with you! 🙂 Here it is…

Material list:

  • polymer clay
  • chalk pastel dust


Step 1: Mix green and white polymer clay together

Before mixing…


After mixing…


Step 2: Take clay and roll it into balls.  The size of the balls determines your leaf size because this ball will end up as a leaf.


Step 3: Flatten the balls and pinch one end into a point.


Step 4: Make a lot of these!

Repeat steps two through three.

Step 5: Make a base.  This means take a few leaves and put the blunt ends together.


Step 6: Make a layer of leaves on top of the base layer.


Step 7: Make a layer on top of this.  This is your final layer of leaves.


I made two!


Step 8: Brush chalk pastel dust against the tips of the leaves.


The plant part is done!

How to make a Pot

Step 1: Roll out a white ball of polymer clay, then push your them in gently.  Make sure that is is about as wide as the plant.


Step 2: Put the plant on top!


And your plant is done!!!


What do you think? If you do the DIY, send me a few photos and I’ll be happy to post them!

~The Photographer @AG Doll Adventures


14 thoughts on “AG Succulent DIY”

    1. Thanks! I usually go to Michaels (the craft store), and buy Sculpy clay. I’ve tried another brand before (I don’t remember the name) and I thought it was really hard to roll. Premo Sculpy is also hard to roll. Regular sculpy is easy to roll and flatten, so I would go with that brand. 🙂 I hope that helps!


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