We are back + A Photoseries​

Hi everyone! Yes, we did disappear for a few months on an unannounced hiatus, but we are back! And with some exciting news…

We are starting a photo series!

This is a collab with The Director, who helped me with the story, doll positioning, and lighting.  She also let me borrow Molly for the story!

Part #1 ~ The note


Skylar walked over to the dilapidated sink. After washing a few dishes, it was literally falling apart.


“Uh oh,” Skylar muttered.  Molly had made the kitchen by hand, and wouldn’t be too happy when she saw what had happened.  Skylar heard footsteps in the hall.  The door creaked open.  It was molly!


“What happened to my kitchen!” Molly said.


“It fell apart,” Skylar said slowly.

“It’s ok,” Molly said. “Julie and I ordered a new one, and it’s coming tomorrow.  It was supposed to be a surprise but now,” She looked at the sink.

“Let’s move it out,” Skylar suggested.

DSC_2350 2.jpg

A note lay tucked under the cabinet.  No one had found it before.

DSC_2351 2.jpg

They began to move it to the garage.  But then Skylar noticed the note.  She reached down and picked it up.

DSC_2353 2.jpg

“Wow!” she said excitedly. “Look at this!” The ran over to the table to investigate the strange, wrinkled piece of paper.

DSC_2354 2.jpg


“What is it?” Molly said.  She was always excited for an adventure.

DSC_2361 2.jpg

Skylar looked up, “It’s a map or a clue,”  She began to read the note aloud.

DSC_2363 2.jpg

“Under the house, you will find… then there is some kind of map,” Skylar thought for a moment.

DSC_2370 2.jpg

She read the sentence again to herself, while Molly took a sip of water.


“Well the only thing under the house is the basement,” Molly said logically.

“You are a genius! Let’s go!” Skylar said enthusiastically.  Molly quickly grabbed her satchel and a flashlight to help then see in the gloom of the dark basement


DSC_2372 2.jpg

So they set off down the stairs and on to an adventure that neither could have dreamed of.

The end of part one!

What do you think? Would you like to see the next part?

Thanks for reading!

~The dolls







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